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Garden Art

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Water Feature Sculpture

Water feature sculpture ~ this pleasing installation can be assembled using any number of 'hand modules', the latter being carefully set up to encourage the water to flow, cascade and burble, then to be recirculated and begin the soporiphic experience all over again.

Pine Cones wrought iron sculpture

Pine Cones - elegant wrought iron stems with pine cone finial gently sway in the breeze and enhance any garden.

Contemporary Wrought Garden Art

Sculpture, �Strength and Delicacy� ~ This outsize hand, emplaced on a granite plinth, is delicately holding a bronze coated, wrought iron leaf, all emphasizing the power, strength but fragile nature of the earth.

Garden Art that is Fun

Garden snails ~ these fun gastropods of the mollusc family are traditionally hand forged to embrace contemporary sculpture design in garden art. They can be hand forged in sizes as seen in the illustration. The largest approximately 350mm long and weighing in at approximately 5kg, the smallest 20mm across and a lot lighter! They can also be forged dextral ~ shell turns to the right like garden snails �helix aspera� or sinstral ~ shell turns to the left, like �clausillia bidenrata�. One more thing ~ they come with a birth certificate and a guarantee not to eat your plants!

Sculpture �Total Totem Token�

Sculpture 'Total Totem Token' - this artwork has individual elements of wrought iron and stained glass fused in the kiln, spiralling up a natural tree trunk, emulating growth and representing the balance to be kept between humans and nature. The maquette shown is approximately one metre high, the proposed installation can be as high as three metres.

As all items are hand produced, please note that all dimensions are approximate.

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