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Traditional Blacksmithing

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Reproduction Traditional Wrought Iron 18th Century Candle Sconce

18th century candle sconce ~ Wrought Iron reproduction, size approximately 450mm w x 560mm h x 175mm d. This is a hand forged replica of the original which is now in the Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh. The processes of pure forgework techniques include fire welding, branch welding, riveting, hot cutting and wire reinforced seamwork to a sheet metal tray.

Hanging Basket Bracket Forged Solely Using Pure Traditional Blacksmithing Techniques

Hanging basket bracket ~ a traditional piece incorporating more forgework in classical form, bevelled, ribbon end, snub end and ha�penny scroll, all branch welded together with a pine cone embellishment. The structure is assembled by mortice and riveting.

Quality Forgework � Reproduction 18th Century Sconces on Hand Turned Bases

Candle holders ~ facsimiles of typical 18th century patterns, all forged by hand from one piece of iron, the stems twisted and pointed. The left hand example has a cone socket, this too, all forged from the parent metal. The right hand examples have a longer open rolled socket with a seam along the top edge. All are set in a turned wooden base typical of the period.

Hand Cut, Hand Forged Face Acanthus Leaf on Fire Welded Scrolls

Face acanthus leaf on branch welded scrolls ~ this classical leaf pattern is hand cut from sheet steel and worked by hand, cold, over an anvil stake, the metal being annealed periodically to counteract work hardening. The scrolls, bevel edge, blow over leaf and ha�penny round are all firewelded together, the acanthus leaf pinned on using fine rivets.

Trivet, all Hand Forged in Iron, Joined by Traditional Blacksmithing Techniques

Trivet ~ a timeless piece of traditional forgework emphasizing the fine detailing that is in this piece of wrought iron. Processes involved in the forging include scrollwork, firewelding, upsetting or jumping up, fullering, riveting, clipwork and very fine tenons to the curved lower bars.

As all items are hand produced, please note that all dimensions are approximate.

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