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Traditional Blacksmithing Courses

"By hammer and hand, all things do stand." ~ anon

The Blacksmithing Experience ~ enjoy the embodiment of the thrill of the fire, the exciting dynamics of iron changing form under your hammer, the urgency of decisions; all these while on this course that gives an introduction to this ancient craft that goes back in history over 2500 years. Blacksmithing is the kind of craft that is best learned by doing it, so get the iron hot, make the anvil ring, have fun . . . and make something useful.

This course is individually tailored to suit you and on a typical three day course participants will learn:

  • health and safety in the forge
  • fire management
  • drawing down
  • hot and cold twists
  • decorative twists
  • decorative handles
  • upsetting or jumping up
  • forging points
  • bending
  • hot cutting

While learning these processes of hand forged wrought iron, using traditional blacksmithing techniques, you will be able to produce an item or items to take home, for example, a fire poker, a toasting fork, barbeque skewers, drive in or 'S' hooks, nails, or a shepherds crook on which to hang a garden lantern. This course in hand forged wrought iron provides a firm base on which to progress and build your future blacksmithing forgework skills.

The blacksmithing courses are held in a converted barn here at Lower Boquio Farm and lunch is enjoyed in the farmhouse.

If you are travelling a distance to the course we can supply a list of bed and breakfast establishments or local hotels. For those arriving by public transport we can, for a small charge, arrange to meet you at the nearest railway station ~ Redruth, or the nearest airport ~ Newquay. Please ask for details.

Mike in the forge

Traditional Blacksmithing Course Fees

Course fees include personal tuition, all materials for practice and to make your chosen item or items, fuel, loan of all tools and equipment you need, lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

Fees are £225.00 per person for a typical 3 day course.

You are asked to wear durable and fire resistant clothing and bring with you stout shoes to wear in the forge. Safety glasses and an apron will be provided. You will be expected to use these throughout your course.

Course booking information is available on the booking page.

Looking for an unusual gift? Our stylish personalized gift vouchers are redeemable against blacksmithing and stained glass courses.

Traditional Blacksmithing Course Dates

As the blacksmithing courses are small and friendly we can offer some flexibility with dates, so if you have a particular date when you would like to come on a course, please contact us. Alternatively choose from the following dates:

7-9 February
24-26 March
16-18 April
22-24 May
18-20 June
21-23 July
13-15 August
22-24 September
16-18 October
15-17 November
6-8 December

The courses normally run daily from 0930 to 1700, again these times can be varied, if required, to suit individual preferences.

You may have a partner, friend or family member who would like to do the stained glass course while you do the blacksmithing course. Or they might just like to chill out, they too can stay and do their own thing.

Traditional Blacksmithing Course Testimonials

Learning traditional wrought iron skills
'I cannot wait to get my own forge so that I can build on the skills John has taught me.
Martin from Lewes, Sussex
'John's patient manner and clear instruction gave me a lot of confidence.'
Jane from St Austell, Cornwall
'I really enjoyed my blacksmithing course with John and will book another course soon to learn more techniques.'
Robert from Nutbourne, Sussex
'I am really delighted with my fire poker thanks to John's skilful and friendly tuition.'
David from Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire

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