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Location of Boquio Iron & Glass in Cornwall

Much inspiration for the quality wrought iron and stained glass works John and Tricia create comes from the land and seascapes which surround their home, Lower Boquio Farm.

There are rolling landscapes with rugged moors and crofts, neat patchwork quilts of farmland which stretch away to craggy cliffs, intriguing coves, extensive beaches and the perpetual motion of the sea.

Steeped in history, Cornwall is rich in sites of ancient civilization with stone circles, fogues, Celtic crosses, standing stones, ancient settlements and burial sites. More recently, in the 18th and 19th centuries Cornwall had a thriving mining industry with the extraction of tin and copper, the legacy of which manifests itself in the ruins of engine houses that still dot the Cornish landscape.

As well as farming, fishing has always been a major industry in Cornwall, the larger ports busily flourish, as do many smaller fishing villages around the extensive coastline.


Gardens abound, their flora all thrive in the sub-tropical climate brought to Cornwall by the Gulf Stream. Numerous gardens, some started as early as the 18th century, are close at hand, beautiful walks within their grounds provide breathtaking scenery for all.

Men An Tol Culturally, Cornwall has always had an eclectic mix of talent that embraces visual artists, sculptors, authors, poets, and the performing arts of drama, dance, mime, film and music.

So, when you come to Boquio Iron & Glass to enjoy a wrought iron or stained glass course, you too will be able to share and experience the magic of the surroundings.

Photographs by John Stedman, Sundial Photographics, 01736 710047

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